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I Am JoeI Am Joe      :– Watch  I Am Joe  full movie on Project Free Tv,I don’t think that I am stepping too far out of line by suggesting that Nicolas Cage has had a somewhat spotty cinematic track record as of late—factor out the rare excellent films such as “Adaptation” and “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call, New Orleans” and the occasional cult curiosity like “Knowing” or the wildly underrated and genuinely misunderstood remake of “The Wicker Man” and one is left with one chunk of junk after another that has seen him squander his considerable talents. Perhaps even Cage himself has begun to realize that something needed to change because his latest film, the powerful drama “Joe,” could not be further removed from his recent string of failures and his work in it is one of the keys to its success. This is not just the best performance that he has given in ages—this is one of the very best performances of his long and strange career.Cage plays Joe Ransom, a man who we can see has had a dark and brutal past even before we learn any of the details. He drinks and gambles, keeps an exceptionally nasty bulldog as his only real companion and has a long-running feud with a local tough guy (Ronnie Gene Blevins) that grows more violent with each exchange. On the other hand, he is reasonably friendly and gregarious to those he trusts and inspires a lot of loyalty in return, especially in regards to the road crew of day laborers that he employs to poison trees on behalf of a local lumber company.One day, a new kid named Gary (Tye Sheridan) shows up looking for work and Joe is impressed with his strong work ethic. He begins to take Gary under his wing and soon discovers that he is squatting in an abandoned house with his mother, sister and his father, Wade (Gary Poulter), a monstrous and abusive drunk whose idea of a hard day’s work is smacking his son around and taking the kid’s earnings for himself. Joe does what he can for Gary and a real friendship develops between the two but at a certain point, it becomes painfully evident that he can either ignore the boy’s plight and watch him go down into the darkness that once consumed him or step in to save the kid, even at the cost of everything that he has struggled to achieve.

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Action | Drama | Mystery
Release: 27 May 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 8.0/10
Director: Pedro Baron
writers: : Pedro Baron
Stars : Laurent Malaquais, Kari Alison Hodge, Erik Niel