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I Am HooliganI Am Hooligan :- Watch I Am Hooligan full movie on Project Free Tv,We are back again with another hooligan film review but this time Greenway Entertainment have stepped up their game from Essex Boys: Law of Survival, as I Am Hooligan improves on many of the flaws that the previous movies had in spades.The story is simple. Justin, a young lad from a rough estate is suffering with a wife-beating father and a tough life. Justin gets into a crowd of football hooligans and finally feels a part of something, what originally was just some new found friends, quickly turns into an addictive life of crime, escalating violence and frequent punch ups.Compared to Essex Boys: Law of Survival and Hooligans at War, I Am Hooligan wipes the floor with the previous across the board. From cinematography to a storyline that keeps you entertained throughout its duration. Every negative point I picked up from the previous two hooligan films has been addressed and it really shows in the final quality of this flick. Don’t get me wrong this film is far from perfect, but there are only some minor setbacks which include some strange audio choices (that I’m told have been rectified in the final cut) and camera angles that just drop the quality and impact of certain scenes somewhat, but as a whole it’s still watchable where-as the other two films, well, we all know how those reviews went!For a saturated genre, I’m always interested to see what can still be done in terms of the storyline and although the storyline in I Am Hooligan has been done more times than your local knocking shop girls, it was refreshing to see it wasn’t all violence after violence after violence. There was some nice depth to Justin’s character as he develops, as he goes through conflicting emotions and how he handles being under pressure and trying to impress his ‘friends’. For a shoe string budget movie, development of character is something that is often overlooked so it was nice to see this addressed throughout the film

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Release: 05 September 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 3.1/10
Director: : Steven M. Smith
writers: : Chris Bell
Stars : Mark Wingett, Darren James King, Chris Bell