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House of Cards Season 4 Episode 2House of Cards Season 4 Episode 2 “Chapter 41”:- Watch House of Cards Season 4 Episode 2 “Chapter 41” on Projectfreetv,As Claire’s mother works to raise funds in support of Frank’s competitors, Frank reneges on his promise not to interfere in Claire’s campaign and co-opts the State of the Union Address to endorse Claire’s competitor. Viktor Petrov’s heavy handedness and growing paranoia further cloud his relations with the President.How could two such bloodthirsty people find each other? Frank and Claire are ready for the face off of the century. Of course, Frank was never elected President, so he must campaign in the primaries and caucuses. He is not doing well and because of his megalomaniacal treatment of Claire, he is starting to not look so good. He is also manipulating, or attempting to manipulate, the Russians. Frank does his State of the Union address and makes alliances that sabotage Claire’s wish to become a Congresswoman. Frank is getting desperate and puts everything on a teeter-board, realizing how close to the edge he has become. He is banking on people doing a poor job of observing the political climate. Frank makes this incredible speech about a boy who refuses to come down from a tree, despite everyone cajoling and begging him. Frank has the solution and it’s typical Frank. This is priceless. Things are boiling. There is also a plea to Claire’s dying mother, trying to get a million and a half dollars from her.

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Release: 4 March 2016
IMDB Rating : 8.4/10
Director: Tucker Gates
Writers: Michael Dobbs (based on the novels by), Andrew Davies (based on the mini-series by)
Stars : Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Michael Kelly