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Honeymoon From HellHoneymoon From Hell :- Watch Honeymoon From Hell full movie on Project Free Tv,As a self-proclaimed Lifetime movie connoisseur, I’m well aware that many of the network’s movies are ripped from the headlines. Sure, they often change the characters’ names and use a whole lot of artistic license — but there’s no denying that plenty of the movies borrow elements from actual events. So, when I read the description of their newest movie I naturally wondered if Honeymoon From Hell is based on a true story? My initial reaction was that it must be pure fiction — the plot sounds like your everyday horror film and Lifetime typically notes when a movie is based on, or even inspired by, true events. Then I took a look at the official synopsis of the movie, which has also been titled The Legend of Alice Flagg, from its production company, MarVista Entertainment and the plot thickened (pun intended):While on their honeymoon at a remote bed & breakfast in South Carolina, newlyweds Julia and Rivers McCoy learn about the legend of Alice Flagg—an old local folklore about the spirit of a bride who haunts those who disrupt her grave. When Julia starts having nightmares about Alice Flagg, she begs Rivers to take her home—but he assures her it is just a fable and all will be okay. With a severe hurricane threatening the area, they become stranded at the hotel. When things start to spin out of control, Julia’s deepest fears seem all too valid. Is this the act of an elaborate prank, or is someone—some thing—after them?OK, so Honeymoon From Hell isn’t exactly based on a true story — Julia and Rivers McCoy are fictional characters, so we don’t need to pity them for having their honeymoon ruined by a ghost. (Because, let’s be honest — that would be a serious drag.) But, Alice Flagg was indeed a real person who became a legendary ghost after her life was tragically cut short.

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Horror | Thriller
Release: 16 July 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 4.8/10
Director: Jake Helgren
Writers: Jake Helgren
Stars : Lexi Giovagnoli, Adam Hagenbuch, Catherine Hicks