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Hidden Killers of the Post-War HomeHidden Killers Of The Post-War Home :- Watch Hidden Killers Of The Post-War Home full movie on Project Free Tv,“Never had it so good”? If you join Dr Suzannah Lipscomb on this look at the hazards of the 1950s house, then you’ll start to wonder. It’s a few minutes before anyone says “health and safety” but that’s what we’re talking about here. Sofas with foam interiors. Clothing made from man-made fibres … It’s all a fire risk! It’s the chemistry set segment, however, that shows how toys contributed – literally – to a postwar boom. John Robinson.Many wild mammals start off as cubs so cute it’s a surprise they aren’t all used to advertise price-comparison websites. What turns them into killing machines? Blame pushy parents, as gruelling bare-paw boot camps aim to turn the furriest into the furious. Polar bear cubs may melt icy hearts and baby cheetahs resemble a Toys R Us top seller, but it’s soon clear that the transition from doe-eyed to deadly can be a quick one. Mark Gibbings-Jones.Eleven-year-old Lily Matthias dreams of skating glory. Trying to make those dreams come true involves sacrifices. And not just for Lily, but for mum, Lyndsey – who gets up at 4am six days a week to drive Lily to training – and dad, Wayne, who spends vast sums on lessons, costumes and competition fees. This film follows Lily, plus fellow skaters Mia Gallacher and Genevieve Somerville, as they prepare for the British championships. Jonathan Wright.The parallel backstories of the most notable frenemies in British politics have underpinned the EU referendum debate ever since Boris Johnson came out for Brexit earlier this spring. The ever-mischievous Michael Crick explores Johnson and Cameron’s ongoing joust, which has edged away from unease and towards outright rancour in recent weeks. Civil war is currently all the rage in British politics and this battle is more entertaining than most. Phil Harrison

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Release: 25 May 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 5.0/10
Director: Suzanne Phillips
Writers: Suzannah Lipscomb
Stars : Suzannah Lipscomb