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God of ThunderGod of Thunder :- Watch God of Thunder full movie on Project Free Tv,Angry Joe kicks off Summer Break 2011 with a handful of movie licensed games, may God have mercy on his soul! First up Thor: God of Thunder! The movie was average (aside from the terrible 3D) so how does the game hold up? About as well as you’d imagine. Can the Mighty God of Thunder can prevail the Movie License Curse?Thor pursues Loki, but in the journey, he is rendered defenceless, awakening on Earth without his mighty hammer, or his memory. Alone and disoriented, Enlisting the help of a female human companion,893 AD, the Icelandic coast. The Norse settlement has been bedevilled by a Frost Giant, and had prayed to their gods for relief; the god of the thunder answered their prayers. Thor, the Odinson has already battled and slain the Frost Giant by the time we pick up this story, and is now drinking and feasting (eating more goats than the rampaging giant did, we are told) with the locals as they tell tales of the battle. But this isn’t the Thor we know, this is a much younger Thor, the Thor before he was worthy enough to wield the mighty hammer Mjölnir. This is a much more cocky, undisciplined Thor, overly sure of his own power and ability, and the praise of the local Vikings isn’t exactly dampening his already large ego. But when they spot wreckage and body parts in the sea nearby, Thor’s self-belief may be shaken by what they uncover…
As they gather to examine the remains, most are pulped beyond recognition, save for a head. And from the head they realise this is not some fellow Viking whose ship was wrecked, this is the head of one of the “feathered” natives of the semi-mystic land to the west of Iceland, across the dark ocean, the Vinland precious few Norsemen claim to have visited. An old, wise woman examines the h
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Action | Adventure | Fantasy
Release: 22 June 2015 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 2.6/10
Director: : Thomas Shapiro
writers: : Sean Lee, Thomas Shapiro
Stars : Max Aria, Jacqui Holland, Preston James Hillier