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Girl in WoodsGirl In Woods:– Watch Girl In Woods full movie on Project Free Tv,Across the entirety of Girl in Woods, you get the feeling Jeremy Benson’s movie should have in reality ended up a short film. Such economy would perhaps have allowed for a conceptual punch even just over eighty minutes is too long to deliver, with a central concept that while sounds interesting on paper is scuppered by a poor script and utterly leaden pacing. In essence, Benson’s story is the creation of an urban legend, the origin tale of a later horror picture we haven’t yet seen, but that’s not necessarily immediately apparent; much of the picture follows around Juliet Reeves’ Grace, the eponymous girl in woods who witnesses the tragic death of her fiancée (Jeremy London) and subsequently becomes lost in the Smoky Mountains, where she literally faces her demons.Juicy plot description, huh? ‘Facing her demons’. The problem is that it’s such a catch-all term that in the context of Benson’s approach it just translates to Grace wandering around the forest talking to herself, having flashbacks and visions, and generally making almost no attempt to actually, y’know, go home. It’s a psychological horror built on a house of contrivances and forced, poorly written character motivations.It’s partly down to budget, but also heavily down to skill. Benson clearly wanted this to be a pulpy, exploitation-style horror calling back to earlier decades; indeed the way he titles Girl in Woods rather than Girl in *the* Woods suggests a bluntness and stripped back naturalism he never quite achieves, not even with the Hammer-style opening burst of retro titling. Pulpy horror of years past often didn’t have any money either but they created either a sense of camp, histrionic blood-letting or palpable, low-fi dread – Benson succeeds in neither.

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Drama | Horror | Thriller
Release: 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.8/10
Director: Jeremy Benson
Writers: Jeremy Benson
Stars : Charisma Carpenter, Juliet Reeves London