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GhosthuntersGhosthunters    :– Watch Ghosthunters     full movie on Project Free Tv,Ghosthunters is a horror that is due for release on VOD on 5th July. The film was directed by Pearry Teo (Curse of Sleeping Beauty) and stars Stephen Manley (Star Trek III) as well as David O’Donnell, Liz Fenning, and Francesca Santoro.From what I can gather this is the general plot. The film takes place at the base of a serial killer which a group of ghost hunters have visited in order to try and get in contact with the spirits of some of his victims (I assume the psycho is no longer in business). Once at the house however the hunters find no end of hostile ghosts who have no intention of letting them leave alive.The trailer for Ghosthunters is below, sure it is always hard to tell what a film is like from its trailer but it reminded me quite a bit of House on Haunted Hill (1999) which can only be a good thing. The ghosts have cool make-up effects on them and the plot device of only being able to see ghosts whilst wearing special headwear is applied. Check out the trailer below to see for yourself.Based on children’s author Cornelia Funke’s Ghosthunters and the Incredibly Revolting Ghost (although she is best known for providing the material for the underrated Inkheart), this family comedy has a breezy Saturday morning TV series vibe about it.When Tom (Parker) finds an ASG (an Averagely Spooky Ghost) in his basement he’s understandably gets the heebie-jeebies but Hugo (a cross between Ghostbusters’s Slimer and Mark Wootton’s Mr. Poppy from the Nativity trilogy) is a friendly sort. He asks for Tom’s help in taking back his haunted house, now occupied by the AIG (Ancient Ice Ghost), hell bent on spreading winter throughout Tom’s town in the middle of summer.

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Release: 05 July 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 4.0/10
Director: Pearry Reginald Teo
Writers: Pearry Reginald Teo
Stars : : Liz Fenning, Anna Harr, Stephen Manley