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FamilieweekendFamilieweekend   :– Watch Familieweekend    full movie on Project Free Tv,Family is one of the biggest aspects in our lives and although it can be hard to live together, you can count on each other. In the end, family members stick together and try to make the best out of it. Family events might be one of those moments that can be really fun or disastrous. In ‘Familieweekend’, we’re following a gathering that should be fun but might turn out otherwise.We’re invited into the family of Pieter Severijn (Derek de Lint). He sends his three children an invitation to spend a special weekend in the manor. It seems that he wants to make amends after his heart attack, as he realises that he neglected his duties as father. Roderick (Dirk Zeelenberg), the eldest of the offspring, is a busy businessman that tries to combine his family with his work, while the youngest son, Benjamin (Tim Haars), is following his artistic sense with the help from some narcotics. Their sister Fleur (Jelka Van Houten) on the other hand is searching for her inner self and wants to live a materialize-free life. The three of them aren’t so thrilled with the invitation but their money-driven reasons persuade them to go as they hope that their father will split the inheritance.On their arrival, Pieter is so glad to have his three children close to him. Also, Frederique (Sanne Langelaar) has taken the place of her father as butler and is happy to serve them. Everything is going smoothly until they discover the reason of the invitation. It seems that their father is getting married and that the wedding is taking place during that weekend. Roderick doesn’t really like this idea and tries to find something against his new mother-in-law, together with his siblings. Is Bonnie (Jennifer Hoffman) really in love with their father?The majority of this movie takes place in one weekend, which means that the events follow up fast. At the start of the movie, you get a small introduction of each character, making it easier to immerse in the story and understanding why they react in certain ways. In the end, don’t expect a profound narrative. What can be said, is that you probably think you’ll know what will happen next but there are some plot twists now and then that will make you reconsider. The producer used just the right amount of time to put everything in order so that it doesn’t feel too chaotic.

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Release: 18 February 2016 (Netharland)
IMDB Rating : 5.7/10
Director: Pieter van Rijn
Writers: Melle Runderkamp, Luuk van Bemmelen
Stars : : Cynthia Abma, Derek de Lint, Cees Geel