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Falsely AccusedFalsely Accused :– Watch Falsely Accused full movie on Project Free TvIf you’d googled the name Mark Hughes on Thursday morning, you would’ve gotten pages about a Welsh former professional soccer player turned coach. By Thursday evening, in the aftermath of a horrific shooting at a Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas that left five police officers dead and another seven wounded, you would’ve gotten the photo and name of a gun-toting man suspected of killing cops.The problem is: the man in that image released by the Dallas Police Department Thursday evening was at that moment joking around with cops as he helped safely evacuate panicked rally attendees.The tale of Mark Hughes and his brother Corey is a story of everything that is wrong with race relations and policing in America today, except that this tale has a marginally happier ending in that no one actually died. Hughes says he’s lucky to have left police custody alive, though without his rifle or the shirt off his back. But, he notes wearily—by Friday afternoon he still hadn’t slept—he must now live fearing for his life and the safety of his family; both Hughes brothers have received “hundreds” of death threats, presumably from people who believed or still believe that he is a cop killer.Mark Hughes of yesterday is not the same Mark Hughes of today,” he tells TIME, sitting in his lawyer’s offices a couple of blocks from the crime scene. “When I was walking out of the police station, I saw on big screen TV—on CNN, I think—I saw my face on there. I couldn’t believe it. I was angry for the simple fact that I hadn’t done anything wrong. I was just down there to clear my name.”Thursday had started with anger, and a sense of incredulity—but the kind held at a distance, on behalf of someone else. Mark, 34, and Corey, 39, had been talking about the four killings of black men by police officers across the country in as many days. They wanted to do something about it. Corey had been asked to be on the board of the Next Generation Action Network. The group is unaffiliated with Black Lives Matter but it has some of the same threads: it’s a loose collection of minority voices, often unheard by authorities, seeking justice and recognition. NGAN had planned an impromptu march in downtown Dall

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Crime | Mystery | Thriller
Release: 24 June 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 4.1/10
Director: Maria Pulera
Writers: Rayya Deeb, Maria Pulera
Stars : : Bradford Anderson, Rosanna Arquette, Tommy Beardmore