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Don't SpeakDon’t Speak :- Watch Don’t Speak full movie on Project Free Tv,Were I not required to complete an entire review on the piece; that factual statement would be the only thing I’d have to say.Frankly, the filmmakers probably don’t want me to “speak”, since this isn’t going to be pretty.There is a recurring motif throughout the picture – where victim’s lips are sewn shut. Perform this disfiguring monstrosity on your own mouth – thus allowing you to keep your agonizing wails to a minimum. Take some of the leftover thread and sew your eyes shut. And if there are any tiny remnants left after that, you may as well close up your ears as well.This all needs to be done prior to your viewing of the film. Or to save yourself the trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics and the pain of destroying your lovely money-maker – just don’t see Don’t Speak.A group of college-aged friends take a day trip on their small yacht to a remote beach town, to spend the day drinking, reveling and annoying the audience. After one of the characters slices his foot open on a broken piece of glass, they determine that the three-hour boat trip to their home-base would not be the best way to go. So they choose to pilot their dinghy to the nearby sea-side village, only to find several locals who threaten them with harpoons, kick one of the guys in the balls and repeatedly warn them of the rules in this village. Don’t make any noise. Of course our cocky young city-folk do exactly the opposite and they are picked off one by one by an unknown killerlease note that in this cliché description, there are no character traits mentioned. That is because I could not tell any of the characters apart – other than by obvious physicality (and Benjamin Nathan-Serio in his speedo stands out ‘cause he’s just plain hot). We are given little history behind this group.

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Horror | Thriller | Mystery
Release: 10 October 2015 (Spain)
IMDB Rating : 4.3/10
Director: : Amadeu Artasona
writers: : Amadeu Artasona
Stars : Pol Baulida, Liliana Cabal, Antonio de la Cruz