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DermaphoriaDermaphoria      :- Watch  Dermaphoria  full movie on Project Free Tv,A guy wakes up in a hospital bed (or a bed somewhere), with no memory of how he got there or of the last few weeks or months of his life and with no certainty that what he does remember is even real. Its a tried-and-trusted way to open a film, and the ‘memory loss’ trope has made for memorable films like Christopher Nolan’s Memento and Paul Verhoeven’s Total Recall. East End director Ross Clarke, opening the 2014 East End Film Festival with his new film Dermaphoria, has the same game plan going on here.One thing that I have always felt about the ‘puzzle film’, if we are going to use that term, is that structuring a film’s narrative in such a way always runs the risk of losing the audience in confusion and frustration unless there is a strong hook to keep them anchored – be it a likeable and relatable character, motifs and visual and audio clues, humour, or some emotional weight. I actually think these aspects count for far more than any need to explain clearly what really happened to the characters on screen by the end.Mulholland Drive is an example that springs to mind, a well regarded David Lynch film that I too rate highly, that has to my mind never had its narrative adequately ‘explained’ (though I often feel I am on the edge of ‘getting it’). It is a fine line: a confusing narrative can draw viewers in with the intrigue, especially if the film in question has other appealing elements in the mix. But a tricky film structure can annoy viewers too; it can just look like the narrative has been chopped up on Final Cut Pro because it looked cool to the filmmakers at the time. With Dermaphoria, director Clarke walks that fine line and sometimes stumbles over it. His film was for me a largely a baffling ride in terms of following the story (and I am not alone, even star Ron Perlman claimed in the Q&A after the premiere that he had no idea what was going on either), but it was at least a technically adroit one with lush, eye-catching visuals and an excellent use of atmospheric locations that belied its small budget.Set in the Deep South, the film’s story (adapted from the novel by Craig Clevenger) focuses on narcotics cook Eric Ashworth (Joseph Morgan, The Vampire Diaries), who we see wake up in jail, suffering burn injuries and with his memory addled. He finds he is accused of arson, and the cops are soon piling on the pressure for him to recall what happened. Retreating to a shady hotel room, Eric turns in on himself. His mind seemingly shattering under the effects of a memory-recall drug – Dermaphoria – that we later learn he created (and presum

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Drama | Crime | Thriller
Release: 13 June 2015 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 7.5/10
Director: Ross Clarke
writers: : Ross Clarke
Stars : Joseph Morgan, Nicole Badaan, Walton Goggins