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Deciphering Deciphering   :- Watch Deciphering   full movie on Project Free Tv,The problem of classifying sentences into various categories, arises frequently in text mining APPLICATIONS. One of the most important categorization of sentences observed in product reviews, movie reviews, blogs, customer feedbacks is-Suggestions, Appreciations and Complaints. We observed that the document classification techniques do not perform well for these three non-topical sentence classes. We propose to solve this problem using a supervised approach based on Dependency-based Word Subsequence Kernel and its variations. We compare the performance of our approach with the state-of-the-art short text classification techniques on 2 different datasets-Performance Appraisal comments and Product Reviews.Stuart’s obsession with deciphering a human longevity formula places him face to face with a deadly serial killer.Critics and filmmakers are often at loggerheads, but sometimes they are one and the same. This year’s Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement — awarded to Bertrand Tavernier, director of 25-plus films and writer of at least as many articles — doubles as a reminder that many filmmakers were once film critics.The French New Wave famously featured directors whose bylines graced the journal Cahiers du Cinema. Today’s examples range from Olivier Assayas, who directed “Clouds of Sils Maria,” to Veronika Franz, who co-directed the horror film “Goodnight Mommy,” a world premiere at last year’s Venice Film Festival.The French filmmaker Nicolas Saada is another former critic who has thrived behind the camera. And with “Taj Mahal,” his second feature as a director, showing in the Horizons section of the Venice Film Festival, he harvests challenging material not from other movies, but from real life. “Taj Mahal” is based on the experiences of a teenager trapped in a Mumbai luxury hotel during the November 2008 terrorist attacks.The topic feels sadly more immediate with each passing month, after the recent thwarted assault on a French train. But when Mr. Saada first shopped the idea around, he met some resistance.

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Release: 2015 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Director: Vinnoth Ira Krish
writers: : Vinnoth Ira Krish
Stars : Julia Farrell, Eric Moyer, Jeff Hoover