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De Palma 2015De Palma:– Watch De Palma full movie on Project Free Tv,Acolytes of Brian De Palma’s flavorful, flamboyant filmography hardly need reminding of his acrobatic ability as a visual storyteller; what they’ll learn from “De Palma” is that in front of the camera, he’s a pretty marvelous raconteur, too. The septuagenarian director provides an exhaustive but exuberant film-by-film account of a career spanning nearly half a century in Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow’s delicious documentary portrait — skimping neither on candid self-effacement or irreverent wit as he recalls such professional triumphs as “Carrie,” such dispiriting misfires as “Mission to Mars,” and the wealth of knowledge gained and opportunities lost in between. Elegantly linear in its setup, and reflecting at least one of its name helmers in its overriding mood of buoyant good humor, “De Palma” reps several Christmases come at once for fans, though it’s playful and perspicacious enough to engage all film-biz aficionados.Here’s the thing about directors’ careers: We don’t plan them out,” says De Palma, defying, with a cheerful shrug, the critics who more exactingly seek patterns and preoccupations in that heady, inconsistent oeuvre. Certainly, no one who viewed the most recent directorial efforts of Baumbach and Paltrow — this year’s delightful neo-screwball romp “Mistress America” and last year’s futuristic eco-western “Young Ones,” respectively — would or could have anticipated that a conversation with New Hollywood’s foremost Grand Guignol artist, the first feature doc from either filmmaker, was next on the agenda. (For the generational record, Baumbach was born one year after De Palma made his debut feature in 1968; Paltrow is but a year older than “Carrie.”) Per press notes, the pic grew from their decade-long acquaintance with the filmmaker — and the careful selection and assembly of clips suggests much time spent with his work — but is constructed from what appears to be a single interview.

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Release: 9 September 2015 (Italy)
IMDB Rating : 7.3/10
Director: Noah Baumbach, Jake Paltrow
Writers: Noah Baumbach, Jake Paltrow
Stars : Brian De Palma