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The ComedianThe Comedian’s Guide to Survival :– Watch The Comedian’s Guide to Survival full movie on Project Free Tv,The Comedian’s Guide to Survival is an upcoming British-Canadian comedy film written by James Mullinger and Mark Murphy and starring James Buckley.Principal photography for The Comedian’s Guide to Survival took place in London in August 2015, following filming at Just For Laughs in Montreal, Canada in July 2015.Not many people believe me when I tell them I lived with two stand-up comedians for almost a year. In fact, Australian comic Brendon Burns, who appears as himself in The Comedian’s Guide to Survival, once did a packed out gig in my kitchen in the suburbs of Wolverhampton. True story. The life of a comedian, I can confirm by proxy, is a strange one, and many of the experiences James Buckley’s protagonist James Mullinger goes through in this semi autobiographical film by Mark Murphy (based on his and Mullinger’s book), I recognise from my time hearing the stories of terrible gigs in strange pubs, all-nighters in weird towns, cars filled with comedians zipping across the country for naff all money, and everything in between. The oddity of a British comics life is well captured in Murphy’s film, which is just as much of an oddity itself.For a start, James Mullinger is a real person; indeed he co-hosts Underground Nights, a podcast from the Failed Critics film podcast network who I am affiliated with. I don’t know James personally, but I podcast semi-regularly with guys who do. Mullinger even appears in the film as a fictional, successful British comedian living the high life in Los Angeles, giving Buckley’s fictionalised version of himself advice as he seeks him out for interview. This, coupled with the meta, fourth-wall breaking narrative, filled with voice-over, means The Comedian’s Guide to Survival is not a traditional picture.It’s operating on several levels, partly as a Rocky-style, little man finds success tale, but equ There was also additional filming in Hampshire, England

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Release: 28 Oct 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 5.4/10
Director: : Mark Murphy
writers: : James Mullinger
Stars : Mohammed Ali, Jeannette Belaouane, Vas Blackwood