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ChosenChosen :- Watch Chosen full movie on Project Free Tv,A 14-year-old girl is forced into prostitution in The Chosen Ones (Las Elegidas), the second fiction feature of Mexican director David Pablos. Executive produced by Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna through their production company, Canana, this is a handsomely shot feature about an important topic that starts off strong but that, like the director’s debut feature, The Life After, becomes less engaging as it enters its final reels. Nonetheless, a Cannes Un Certain Regard berth and its topicality should ensure a decent life at festivals and in the Hispanosphere.Sofia (Nancy Talamantes) is a natural beauty from Tijuana, just across the border from San Diego, with pouty lips and beautiful, dark-blond hair, though her face is still closer to that of a child than a young woman. Nonetheless, she lets her somewhat older boyfriend, Ulises (Oscar Torres), have his way with her in the film’s opening scene (throughout, actual sex is always kept offscreen). The strong-jawed youngster knows she’s only 14 — and without makeup, she also looks it — but brags he started having sex at age 12 and can’t even remember how many girls he’s had since. But he tells Sofia she shouldn’t worry, since he’s “serious about us”.If that sounds too good to be true, that’s because in a way it is. On the beach, a pensive and uncomfortable Ulises confesses to Sofia that his Dad (Edward Coward) and older brother, Hector (Jose Santillan Cabuto), whom she was introduced to earlier at Dad’s birthday barbeque, are planning to force her to become part of the family business: a prostitution ring she won’t be able to leave. Despite an attempt to escape to the U.S. together by car, Sofia finally ends up exactly where her father-in-law wants her.After spending her mornings in a cheap motel that’s guarded by some street kids who look barely older than the protagonist, Sofia has to work evenings and nights in a seedy bordello, where she’s instructed to ask for 500 pesos (about $33) for anything involving penetration and to not dare to make any less than 6000 pesos (just under $400) a night. If some viewers might be wandering whether Ulises simply put on an act to lure Sofia into his family’s web, the startling answer comes about 30 minutes in, when he begs his father to let his girlfriend go and Dad’s seems surprisingly open to the idea, though on one condition: Ulises needs to find another girl to take Sofia’s place.

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Drama | War
Release: 08 August 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 6.9/10
Director: Jasmin Dizdar
Writers: Gabriel De Mercur
Stars : Luke Mably, Ana Ularu, Harvey Keitel