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Black Tar RoadBlack Tar Road :– Watch Black Tar Road full movie on Project Free Tv,On a Black Tar Road between nowhere and somewhere, two misunderstood women find love in between the cracks of hardships.Black Tar Road: On a Black Tar Road between nowhere and somewhere, two misunderstood women find love in between the cracks of hardships.around Los Angeles, CAAt the foot of the Hollywood hills are the lights and noise of UNIVERSAL STUDIOS,but up the hill lies a different world. Away from the commercial cacophony below is a quiet tree lined residence.If you were to have driven up the long narrow winding road to the top of the hill, last week, behind a white wall, inside an old Spanish house you would have found film director Jay Holben shooting sce
nes for soon to be released gritty, lesbian love story BLACK TAR ROAD.The filming took place at the late writer Dolph Sharp’s home . This was no ordinary film set. This house is one of love, laughter, creation and history. Dolph and his wife Roslyn lived there for over sixty years. Dolph, born in 1914, wrote for fiction magazines; Colliers, The Saturday Evening Post and Women’s Day.The house, home to a writers group, which included greats like Ray Bradbury was redecorated for use as a set in the real, passionate, heart tearing film Black Tar Road, starring Amber Dawn Lee and James Black.Dolph is dead these many years, his wife Roslyn died last month. She was a pianist. Her grand Steinway still fills the house with memories of music past.Actress Amber Dawn Lee felt the location was perfect for the shoot, not just for the history of the house, but the energy it held. The film is a 2013 American contemporary drama expanded from the short film written by Amber Dawn Lee titled “Lot Lizard.

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Drama | Biography | Crime
Release: 28 July 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.1/10
Director: Amber Dawn Lee, Rob Brownstein
writers: : Amber Dawn Lee
Stars : Maria Olsen, James Black, Leif Gantvoort