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Black RoadBlack Road      :– Watch  Black Road  full movie on Project Free Tv,2029: Seven states secede from the United States of America, forming a new state in the Pacific Northwest called Jefferson. While its promise of a “free state” is hopeful, reality soon sets in. There are few jobs, so its citizens are mired in a life of poverty and joblessness.
Enter Dylan, an ex-military free agent with a rare cybernetic implant–a “Super”–named Clyde. Clyde is an advanced AI contained in a nondescript metal cylinder that Dylan plugs into his skull for direct interfacing. Dylan returns to Jefferson in order to reunite with his lost love (and cousin) Sarah, a “glam-punk, post-information” singer. Unfortunately for Dylan, Sarah has settled down with a Peace Officer named Bruce, leaving Dylan strapped for cash and alone in Jefferson.All of that changes when he meets Lisa, a mysterious woman who is assaulted twice by black-lipped junkies. Dylan saves her, beds her, and receives a proposition from her: help her reach a financial settlement with her estranged husband Sterling for a cut of the proceeds. He agrees, but is soon pulled in well over his head, facing off against the dangerously charismatic Sterling as he struggles to find a cache of hidden gold bullion and the truth as he finds himself manipulated on both sides of the struggle.Were it not for the aforementioned near-future politics and technology, Black Road wouldn’t be out of place in the shadow-draped streets of a Raymond Chandler novel. It’s got it all: a down-on-his-luck private contractormysterious and dangerous ex, and the equally mysterious and dangerous vamp who plays our hero like a puppet. Yep, Black Road is definitely a “neo-noir,” and a damn fine one at that.First, there’s the weird sense of cynical realism to the proceedings. Yes, this is a world with holographic computers, non-lethal handguns, and advanced AI implants that insert directly in the users’ skulls. However, it’s also a world with poverty, addiction, and stillborn dreams. It can come across as a little pro-government at times, but it never reaches propaganda levels. It simply shows that ideals aren’t always enough to succeed, especially when the selfish nature of humanity is at play.

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Sci-Fi | Thriller
Release: 28 January 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 5.3/10
Director: Gary Lundgren
writers: : Gary Lundgren
Stars : Sam Daly, Simon Templeman, Leilani Sarelle