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Big BadBig Bad      :– Watch  Big Bad  full movie on Project Free Tv,Big Bad” has an almost dreamlike quality to its look and feel. This is partly due to its use of soft focus effects giving it a glow like quality. It begins rather questionable. Meaning, did we stumble upon a film that details the life of bar junkies or is there something more brewing. Frankie is certainly no pushover as she indeed has an motive. This motive is provided in a slow release per director Bryan Enk and lead / writer Jessi Gotta.Frankie is piecing together the demise of her family and somewhere along the line she gained a few skills. Her motive revolves around the locating of a man named Fenton Bailey. Though to gain answers also means she’ll have to answer to a few things herself. The town which she has entered so determined seems to be under the leadership of a freak named Annabelle (Alan Rowe Kelly). Annabelle commands her lackeys with a hunger and need for a fine specimen sporting a few good eyes.Annabelle didn’t anticipate the rage of Frankie who can hold her own pretty well ensuing into a bloody battle. As the film carries forth, it becomes bloodier and nastier pumped full of really good confrontational moments. I was most impressed with its paint by numbers approach to providing clues into the goal of the plot line itself. It really shines when this soft focus treatment is saturated with bloody and “sometimes” saliva-filled goop seeping from within scenes of action.Frankie has an advantage in this well covered world of savages and monsters. She possesses a ritual knife that kills instantly upon insertion. We never really know much about the instrument itself, just that it does the job and most likely has a undisclosed history to it.

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Action | Adventure | Comedy
Release: 2 Aug 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 5.2/10
Director: Opie Cooper
writers: : Opie Cooper, Daniel Dauphin
Stars : Ainsley Bailey, Cameron Deane Stewart