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Beyond the Call of DutyBeyond the Call of Duty :– Watch Beyond the Call of Duty full movie on Project Free Tv,Low-budget American action horror. As they try to prevent a deadly virus from being sold, the American soldiers of Five Spec Ops, Alpha Squad, find themselves battling hordes of experimental undead as they try to stop the planet from being devastated by a zombie pandemic.Katrina Bray said she had worked with Sgt Marshall through the Licence to Kill initiative.‘This tri-service safety initiative brings together Guernsey Police, St John Ambulance and Rescue and Guernsey Fire and Rescue to improve road safety among young people.Five Spec Ops, Alpha Squad, head a simple Recon Mission that turns into an all out war for survival against a wave of undead experiments. Alpha Squad must fight, not just for the sake of their own survival, but the fate of the world.The easiest and fastest way to finish this mission is to first stab the lone walking guard and have Tiny go behind the wall. Quickly have your spy follow him and shoot a few bullets to bring attention. Shoot every patrol coming (only 2 or 3) and if the spy has lost his disguise, make him put it back on. Make him kill everyone without caring if the dead will be noticed. Have your spy poison or shoot all the guards in the mission and liberate the prisoner.Your sniper will be helpful to kill the patrols at the end where you escape. To do this, distract the large patrol so the sniper won’t be seen but will be able to shoot. Shoot 3 of the 4 gunman and then the officer. Have your spy poison the last gunman and do the same again for the other patrol. To do this, it is highly recomended you use 1 bullet at the maximum previously.’It is a hard-hitting campaign which shows Year 11 students the devastating consequences of young road users speeding or driving carelessly in Guernsey.

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Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Release: 04 April 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 5.0/10
Director: Aleksandar Ivicic
Writers: Aleksandar Ivicic
Stars : Kevin Tanski, Robert Woodley, Chris Clark