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Atomic Zombies!!!Atomic Zombies!!!:- Watch Atomic Zombies!!!full movie on Project Free Tv,_nombies! Like the title characters themselves, the subgenre of horror is one that refuses to die while “The Walking Dead” keeps reviving interest in the undead brain eaters. At this point, I feel like the dead horse is definitely being beaten with a stick, but I still enjoy giving independent filmmakers the chance to shine with their original projects; in this case John McKechnie’s Atomic Zombies. John contacted me about reviewing his feature film and I’m always thrilled to be introduced to new filmmakers like him, so I gave Atomic Zombies a full watch last night and here’s my review.John McKechnie wrote, directed and edited Atomic Zombies and the film features special effects from Misery Productions and Digital Effects from Video Copilot. Cast members include Jackie McKechnie, Shadow Beatz, Ryan Hickey, Mercedes Luteman, David McKechnie, Evelyn Andersen, Dan Yowell, Patrick Hickey, Andrew Kinsey, Britta Otter and Rob Jennings.“Two weeks after a local nuclear power plant explosion (which totally wasn’t an evil secret Nazi research laboratory), zombies have taken over the town! A small group of useless survivors have banded together to argue about what to do next, but with no medical skills, military training or common sense there doesn’t seem to be much hope.” – Free Water Productions.

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Release: 01 June 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 5.1/10
Director: John McKechnie
Writers: John McKechnie
Stars : J. Ryan Hickey, Mercedes Luteman, David McKechnie