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Approaching the UnknownApproaching the Unknown:- Watch Approaching the Unknown full movie on Project Free Tv,If you have fond recollections of 2015’s hit sci-fi picture “The Martian,” I reckon one of them might be of Matt Damon’s jubilant, never-say-die stranded astronaut vowing to survive on Mars and describing the challenge of it as “I’m gonna have to science the s**t out of this!” The new movie “Approaching the Unknown” is a sci-fi picture about getting to Mars, as opposed to being stranded there. The movie has a much less panoramic scale than the Ridley-Scott-directed big budget film, and marginally more sciencing-the-s**t-out-of-things action. It is well-intentioned, conscientious and competent in its filmmaking craft.Mark Strong plays Captain William D. Stanaford, who’s making a solo flight to Mars to begin colonization there. He knows he won’t be coming back to Earth, and he’s not too concerned about this. “Six billion people on Earth cheering me on are also wondering why I do this,” he muses in voiceover. Well, he does it because it’s what he does. Like all astronauts, he’s also an advanced scientist, one who’s figured out a way to make drinking water out of dirt, and whose spaceship is carrying a reactor that’s essential not just to his trip but to the job he’s going to do once he lands on the red planet. Following his craft is another spaceship, this one piloted by Sanaa Latham’s Capt. Maddox. She is, in the sparse video-screen views of her from Stanaford craft, considerably less chill than Strong’s character, and her temperament and the tech problems she faces provide the movie with some tense conflict early on. When not trouble-shooting for Maddox from afar, Stanaford interacts with earthbound colleague and apparent best friend Louis Skinner, an ever-earnest Mission Control archetype played by Luke Wilson.

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Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Release: 03 June 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.4/10
Director: Mark Elijah Rosenberg
Writers: Mark Elijah Rosenberg
Stars : Mark Strong, Luke Wilson, Sanaa Lathan