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AndronAndron:- Watch Andron full movie on Project Free Tv,Andron is 2015 American film directed by Francesco Cinquemani. This sci-fi adventure film is also called as Andròn – The Black Labyrinth as this film tells about group of people in the black labyrinth. This film is produced by Momentum Pictures Company. The main stars are Antonia Campbell Hughes, Skin, Leo Howard, Michelle Ryan, Gale Morgan Harold Iii, and Alec Baldwin. This film is rated as R since it has some actions and languages (some violence and language). So, parental guide may be required for audiences under 18.Here is the short profile of Andron. The title of the film is Andron or Andron – The Black Labyrinth. The director of the film is Francesco Cinquemani. He is also the writer or screenplay of the film. The composer of this film is Riccardo Eberspacher while for the cinematography is by Gherardo Gossi. This film was released in Italy in November 2015 while in United States it will be released in June, 2016. Generally, this film gets positive responses from some critics including from the experts since it has really good story.Andron takes the setting of place and time in the future in 2154. There is a group of men and women who just wake up in the black labyrinth. They cannot remember anything about who they are and why they are in this place. They also don’t know who send them or what causes they are stuck in this black labyrinth. They don’t know how they can be in such place. While they are trying to remember anything, they need to escape from the labyrinth or Andron. They need to work together to reveals code as well as signs.

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Action | Sci-Fi
Release: 03 June 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 3.1/10
Director: Francesco Cinquemani
Writers: Francesco Cinquemani
Stars : Alec Baldwin, Michelle Ryan, Danny Glover