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The Amityville LegacyThe Amityville Legacy :- Watch The Amityville Legacy full movie on Project Free Tv,When you think about the “legacy” of a certain very famous house in Amityville, New York, you have to take the good with the bad. Which side of the fence will The Amityville Legacy fall on? We’ll find out later this year when it hits VOD and DVD/Blu-ray, but in the meantime, here’s the first trailer and a half-dozen images from the film, which offer up a few clues.Written and directed by Dustin Ferguson and Mike Johnson and produced by 42nd Street Films and Sinister Studios, The Amityville Legacy follows a cursed antique toy monkey from the original DeFeo home as it wrecks havoc and possesses a father after being gifted during an annual family reunion.It stars Julia Farrell, Mark Popejoy, Schuylar Craig, Jennii Caroline, Jade LaFont, and Colby Coash.GEORGE LUTZ (James Brolin) has begun to look shaggy and pink-eyed, and now he has a terrible gray pallor. He communicates with his formerly happy family in monosyllables, and spends too much time sharpening his ax. One night, Kathleen Lutz — played by Margot Kidder, who stubbornly remains the bright-eyed life of the party in “The Amityville Horror,” despite signs that plenty is amiss — finds George sitting in the livingroom alone. He is screaming that he is about to crack up, and he has fresh toothmarks on his legs. Kathleen studies the situation, then asks sweetly, “Honey, are you O.K.?”There isn’t nearly enough of this sort of inadvertent merriment in “The Amityville Horror,” which isn’t horrifying enough to do without a few laughs. Still, so many horror-movie clichés have been assembled under the roof of a single haunted house that the effect is sometimes mind-bogglingly messy. There is apparently very little to which the director, Stuart Rosenberg, will not resort. But he still can’t come up with anything more hair-raising than the trick of having one Lutz experience a severe start when he or she doesn’t realize other Lutzes are in the room. Whenever Mr. Rosenberg stumbles upon an idea as good as this one, he’s bound to repeat it over and over again.Scary things do happen in the movie, but they’re always telegraphed in advance and make too little sense to have a cumulative effect. The Lutzes, you see, have moved into a house where a man murdered his entire family a year earlier, and the house doesn’t want the Lutzes around. “Get out!” the house cries. The house works in very literal ways.It also causes members of the clergy to vomit whenever they visit the place, and has toilets that spew forth black goo. So much for the niceties. There are also mechanical difficulties, like a telephone that severs the connection every time Kathleen tries to call her priest, played by Rod Steiger. Mr. Steiger bellows and weeps and overdoes absolutely everything. He won’t even pick up the phone before it’s rung 12 or 15 times.

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Release: 29 March 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 5.7/10
Director: Dustin Ferguson, Mike Johnson
Writers: Dustin Ferguson, Mike Johnson
Stars : Schuylar Craig, Julia Farrell, Cheyenne King