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American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 2American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 2 “Chapter 2”:- Watch American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 2 “Chapter 2” on  Projectfreetv,”Just when I thought American Horror Story begins to show promise, it inevitably implodes in its own absurdity, and all hope of it living up to its title wither away. This show does not know how to balance anything within the realm of horror; not acting, not the atmosphere, character psychology, not even fluidity.First problem with the series is the approach. The series is trying to do something different but lacks an equilibrium between occurrences and a cohesive narrative. This mock-umentary voice-over combo style is alright but is overwhelming during moments that should be left alone, such as moments of tension, which should be silent, not filled with speech from a voice-over.Second problem is the recycling of the actors, an actor can only do so much, and in this season it isn’t much (Angela Bassett’s pitiful attempt at ‘acting’ drunk). Six seasons and still the same cast? Seriously? Thirdly, the situations, occurrences, whatever you wish to call them, are just ludicrous, they are awfully crafted and gimmicky. Knives on the ceiling, constant hallucinations, and I mean constant, almost every ten minutes, constant police calls that lead to nothing, you also have a child that cannot act, “they’re going to kill us all, and save me for last?” These unimaginative clichés are so poorly constructed that the show slowly implodes on itself and becomes meaningless because we have seen this before. Horror is a genre that you could do much more than just put a couple in a home as a political statement that it is socially acceptable now, give them a haunting that has been done before and not done well and expect people to want to sit through 10 hours of that garbage. I don’t think so

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Drama, Horror, Thriller
Release: 21 September 2016
IMDB Rating : 8.8/10
Director: Michael Goi
Writers: Tim Minear, Ryan Murphy
Stars : Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jr.