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Ace the CaseAce the Case      :- Watch  Ace the Case  full movie on Project Free Tv,Left in the care of her teenaged brother Miles (Aaron Sauter, “Alien Dawn”) while their mom is out of town, 10-year-old Olivia Haden (Sobo) takes her dog Charlie for a late-night walk and witnesses a brazen kidnapping on the deserted streets of New York City. But when she tells Miles what she has seen, he dismisses her, and when she reports it to the NYPD, only a sympathetic detective named Dottie (Sarandon) will even listen. Without solid evidence, there’s nothing Dottie can do, so the intrepid tween sets out to solve the crime herself. Facing down a trio of bumbling crooks, a mysterious fixer (Gorn) toting his oversized pet bunny, and a rapidly ticking clock, Olivia crisscrosses lower Manhattan in an exciting family-oriented thriller sure to delight kids of all ages, as well as their parents.Sometimes a movie is so dreadful that you can’t imagine why anyone—let alone a talented star—would agree to be a part of it. That’s the case with Ace the Case, a Susan Sarandon-led comedy caper that has a surprising lack of comedy and Susan Sarandon. While the new indie flick has a promising premise and some potential for family fun, most of it is squandered under poor pacing and even poorer performances.Ace the Case begins with the tragic death of main character Olivia Haden’s father. When the hard-working Mr. Haden bikes to the office to work for a couple of hours on his day off, a trio of bumbling crooks accidentally hit him with their car during a getaway. This accident is just one of many loose threads connecting the disparate oddballs in the cast, and in a way, it’s the only bold choice made by writer-director Kevin Kaufman.This depressing intro sets up Ace the Case as a coming-of-age tale wherein Olivia and her brother Miles find themselves while coping with this tremendous loss, but Kaufman’s storytelling is so shoddy that he never gives these themes

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Family | Mystery
Release: 26 Aug 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.1/10
Director: Kevin Kaufman
writers: : Kevin Kaufman
Stars : Ripley Sobo, Lev Gorn, Susan Sarandon